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Last semester, when looking for classes in Albert, I remember what I first thought when I read the name of this class: Intro to Computational Media. My first thought was, ” I wish I was smart enough to take a computing class.” That thought then became, “maybe I AM smart enough to take a computing class.” And finally, “You know what, screw it, It doesn’t matter if I’m smart enough or what- I’m taking a computing class.” Computing has always been something that interested me. When I was five years old, I got a large white PC computer for my christmas. My twin brother got a go-kart. My older brother got a motorcycle. Today, I spend roughly 6-8 hours a day on my computer. It only makes sense to know the ins and outs. Until I decided to take this class, that was something that I had just accepted that I would potentially never know.

Computational Media is the future. Those who understand how to use it will adapt with future advancements. Those who understand the ins and outs will create those future advancements. This is something I recently realized. Thus, sparking my interest in taking this class.

I took this class for a number of reasons. One of which, is that — as with my Gallatin concentration — human interaction with computer is simply, communication. Whether it be myself writing this blog post right now or someone walking down 6th avenue taking a photo on their smart phone, a very special form of communication is occurring. That is, the asking of the computer to perform an action and the return of the computer performing an action. People tend to forget that interaction is occurring. As these devices are becoming more so extensions of the body, these interactions become as commonplace as let’s say- asking your finger to bend or asking your knee  and the other various necessary human parts to bend and stand.

This class- as with computational media- taught me how exactly that interaction occurs- through the various means and methods.

My Gallatin concentration is more so focused on how we, humans in 2014 and in the past, use technology as means of communication. I find it fascinating how we communicate with computers in order to communicate with humans. If that makes sense… If you had asked me what my concentration was prior to taking this class- it would have been something completely different. My thoughts are a bit jumbled. Well, that’s what’s on my mind right now. Kind of a stream of consciousness. Hope is doesn’t read as a bunch of 1’s and 0’s.


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