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Securing the Butt Pocket

Many people I know/see on the street walk around with their cellphones and wallets in their back pockets. I used to be one of those people (still admittedly, am sometimes) until last summer where I lost two iPhones, and I grew increasingly aware of the security I needed to maintain to ensure these expensive phones would no longer be lost/stolen. But now, butt-pocket users, fear no more – my switch adds security   to your life style.

My switch involves two plates that will line the pocket and when touching, the switch is “on.” The current is interrupted when a wallet or cellphone is placed between these two. Because one of the two plates is spring loaded with paper-clip springs, when the phone/wallet is removed, the plate will spring back and reconnect the current, and the switch will turn on. When the switch is on, the LED will light up, but also a little motor will vibrate to notify you that your stuff’s gone. Hopefully one day, when people start using Samsung watches or Google glasses, a message will be sent to those devices.


The spring device made of paperclips
Stripped wire is threaded to maintain conductivity
Plates are covered in tin foil
The tiny little vibrating motor
The whole spiel ( – the phone/wallet)


“I’m going to bed” switch

So the concept is when somebody sits or lays on the bed the light would turn on. I tried using too pieces of metal glued seperately on the bed frame and the matress, but that ended up really hard to control (but a workable concept).

bed switch

Instead, I taped the button on the one edge of my bed where it’s would be pressured when weight is put on the bed. I soldered wires together with the switch, and fixed it on the bed frame. The mattress is too soft for acturally pushing down the button, so I taped a starbucks lid onto it, to give it a hard surface where the button would touch.

bed switch