Week 8: Class Notes

*Watch this video recording of the last 1/3 of the class

Computer Vision

Depth Sensing

  • What is Kinect?
  • What is good about depth cameras?
  • Comparing Kinect 1, 2, and Azure
  • (Some of) Libraries and software for computer vision
    • Kinect 1: OpenKinect with Processing (Raw data; average, depth threshold, point cloud…)
    • Kinect 2: KinectPV2 (skeleton tracking) with Processing, Kinectron with p5.js
    • Azure: Kinectron with p5.js
  • (just a fraction of) Project that used depth camera/sensing

Great References


  • Controlling an LED with face detection (OpenCV’s face recognition feature, serial communication between Processing and Arduino)
  • Code on github