Selected Lighting Fixtures From Class

Ran Tian’s 24-hour sconce fades its color slowly over 24 hours, changing like a small sun. It’s similar in form to her sunflower lamp. The video below shows the lamp in action, fading through the colors of sunrise and sunset.

Jasper Rui Want and Yuguang Zhang’s Lolipop lamp is a 24 hour clock in light. The lamp is composed of two rings backlighting a wooden wall panel. An outer ring shows a small gap for the current minute, and an inner ring shows a gap for the hour:

Jasper Rui Want and Yuguang Zhang’s Lolipop lampSea & Mulberry Field is a light installation that show the cycle of changes in nature.

Siman Li’s Sea and Mulberry Field is a shadow box that shows the cycle of changes in nature over a year. Silhouettes of mountains, trees, and buildings appear over time as the lights in the box fade to highlight each one.

Siman Li’s Sea and Mulberry Field shadowbox depicts changes in an environment over a year.

Roxanne Kim’s wind chimes change their color palette in response to weather data about different locations. The color temperature and animation of the chimes reflects both the temperature and behavior of the weather that each chime is representing.

Roxanne Kim’s weather chimes. Each tubular light displays an animated pattern of lights corresponding to the weather of a city that the tube represents.

James Hosken’s Long Distance Reading Lamp is a beside sconce which acts both as a local reading lamp and an indicator of the behavior of a long-distance loved one. The white downlight in the sconce lights the user’s bed for reading, while the warmer and more saturated uplight lights to indicate when a similar lamp on the other side of the world is activated.

James Hosken’s Long Distance Reading Lamp

Emily Lin’s CO2 lamp is a side table with a light-up surface that brightens and fades with the air quality levels of the local environment.

Emily Lin’s CO2 lamp

Nuntinee Tansrisakul’s Shadow Through Time is a slowly changing sculpture of shadows. Several strings are stretched across the surface of a light box, and lights embedded in the frame of the box slowly change the shadows of the strings on the back of the box as the strings move across the surface of the box. The video below shows the fixture in motion.

Hayeon Hwang and Yeseul Song’s Light Experiments are a series of animation experiments using DMX lighting to create an illusion of interactivity with visitors.

Hayeon Hwang and Yeseul Sonng’s Light Experiments

Author: ti8

Faculty member at ITP. Head of physical computing area of curriculum.