Lighting Parts and Fixture Sources

A spreadsheet of parts used in past projects.


  • Cree – large supplier of LEDs for industrial use
  • Osram – large supplier of LEDs and lamps
  • Philips – large supplier of LEDs, lamps and other lighting products
  • GE – Large supplier of LED lighting products
  • SuperBrightLEDs – LED lamps, components, power supplies, and more
  • 1000bulbs -LED lamps, regular lamps, etc.
  • – good for LED strip lighting
  • Avago – LED manufacturer. They don’t sell individual LEDs, but they link to their distributors. They make a number of different LED components and displays

Fixture Parts

LED Lamps and Accessories

MR-16 Accessories

Lighting Equipment Companies


  • Surplus Shed – surplus optics and electrical parts. The place you want to go for lenses, prisms, and the like.
  • Edmund Optics – High quality, and high price, optical parts.