Syllabus Spring 2020

Production Assignments:

Weekly observation assignment: lighting moment

Take a photo or video, or choose a pre-existing photo or painting of a scene. Describe the quality of the light, and the composition of the light. Description the sources, the directions, the colors, the focus, and any other property you can discern. If it’s the work of another person, cite your sources.

Do at least one of these every week. Use the notes in the schedule below as a guide if you have nothing else in mind. If you do have another moment in mind, look for these ones as well. Attempt to capture the scene with its natural light, do not use flash.

Post a link to your observation log on the class links page.


Week 1: Jan. 29

Week 2: Feb. 5

  • Presentation: show LED fading devices
  • Color & color spaces
  • Light Control: Microcontrollers and programmable LEDs
  • Assignment: Candle (due in week 3)
  • Observation Assignment: Early morning, exterior.
  • Reading: Rune on color spaces and color models

Week 3: Feb. 12

  • Presentation: Show candles
  • Optics
  • Light control: Light & Color Sensors
  • Assignment: Visit lighting stores. Kenmare & Bowery and points south
  • Observation Assignment: Late morning, interior.

Week 4: Feb. 19

  • Light over time
  • Light Control: 12-volt DC control over LEDs
  • Observation Assignment: 4-hour time-lapse video. Capture an interior space that’s part of your everyday routine in 10-second intervals over 4 hours.
  • Assignment: Desk, floor, or table lamp fixture (due in week 7)

Week 5: Feb. 26

  • Light Control: More on control of DC sources.
  • Observation Assignment: 24-hour time-lapse video. Capture another interior space that’s part of your everyday routine in 10-second intervals over 24 hours. Example: Tom’s office or Mint’s time lapse of the ITP lobby

Week 6: March 4

  • Light Control: Philips Hue System
    • REST APIs from p5.js
    • Microcontroller control of REST APIs (ArduinoHttpClient library)
  • Observation Assignment: Interior, workspace

Week 7: Mar. 11

  • Presentation: show lighting fixtures
  • Light control: node.js controlling Hue and DMX
  • Assignment: Lighting control assignment (due in week 10)
  • Observation Assignment: Interior, relaxation space

SPRING BREAK: Mar. 16 -20

Week 8: Mar. 25

  • Light control: DMX
    • Stage Lighting Techniques
  • Observation Assignment: Exterior, natural shaded area

Week 9: Apr. 1

  • Light control: Microcontroller control of DMX fixtures
  • Observation Assignment: Exterior, man-made shaded area. If possible, capture caustic reflections as well.

Week 10: Apr. 8

  • Assignment: 24-hour responsive lighting feature (due in week 14). Come to class next week with a proposal, either in drawing or written form, or both.
  • Observation Assignment: Interior, lobby, hallway, or transitional space

Week 11: Apr. 15

  • Presentation: show digital control assignment
  • In-class: Discuss final, present ideas.
  • Assignment:  Develop a production plan and bill of materials for your fixture. Put it on your blog.
  • Observation Assignment: Late afternoon, exterior. Pre-sunset or sunset. Example: Mercer St.

Week 12: Apr. 22

  • In-class workshop: TBA, depending on final project needs
  • Observation Assignment: Dusk, exterior or interior. post-sunset, pre-darkness.

Week 13: May 29

  • TBA
  • Observation Assignment: Daytime, near a significant body of water. Example: East Hampton, sunset

Week 14: May 6

  • Presentation: show 24-hour responsive fixtures