Grading & Expectations


  • Participation & Attendance: 50%
  • Production Assignments: 50%

Participation & Attendance

Showing up on time, engaging in the class discussion, and offering advice and critique on other projects in the class is a major part of your grade. Speak up. The class thrives on engaged discussion from everyone. Please be present and prompt. Class begins at 3:20 PM, and I expect everyone to be in place and ready to begin at 3:20 PM. Lateness will hurt your grade. If you’re going to be late or absent, please email your instructor in advance. Three non-emergency absences or more will lead to a failing grade. If you have an emergency, please let your instructor know as soon as you can. Please turn in assignments on time as well.


There is no set reading assignment, but this class covers a lot of technical and design material. Check the bibliography page for references. Most of the texts referenced are available in the NYU library.


Production Assignments

For production assignments, you’ll be expected to present your project in class on the day that it’s due. If you’re working in a group, all group members should be present, on-time, and should participate equally in the presentation.


You’re expected to keep a visual log of lighting moments each week, and we’ll look at a few of these and discuss them every week. At minimum you should do one each week, but you’ll do better if you do more than that. The more you train yourself to notice lighting moments, the easier it is to describe and then reproduce them.

As with other classes at ITP, you should keep a record of your work, and you should document your production projects. An online site for them is helpful, both to you as a reference to point to, and to others as a place to learn from. Keep a blog and link it to the class site.

Always cite the sources of your code, the places you learned techniques from, and the inspirations of your ideas. This is the equivalent to citing your sources in a written paper, and copying code or techniques without attribution is plagiarism. few ideas come out of the blue, and your readers can learn a lot from the sources you learned from or were inspired by.

Class Site

The class site will be editable by all students. When you find useful information for others, please add it to the appropriate page. You are welcome to document your work on the class site instead of elsewhere if you prefer.

Devices in Class

Do not let the use of computers or mobile devices disrupt the class, or your direct participation in the discussion.

  • If it’s a device where the outside world can contact you disruptively, don’t let it disrupt the rest of the class.
  • If it’s a device where you can initiate contact with the outside world, refrain from using it when others are presenting or a class discussion is in progress. The one exception to this is if you are taking notes for the class.