Week 6 & 7

  • Problem solving and debugging
  • ObservedObject
  • Data Modeling and Structs

Labs 🔬

  • Create/add an original icon and name to your app
    • Apple design resources are here
    • If not using Apple’s Photoshop template, start with a 1024×1024 resolution image and use either App Icon Resizer or IconKit to create different icon sizes

Design Assignment 📐

Midterm: Master-Detail Application

A common app interface pattern displays a master list of items. Selecting the item navigates to a separate view showing more details about that item. e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Notes App, Spotify, etc. For the midterm you will design and develop your own master-detail application.



  • Data model for app needs to be 2 or more levels deep
  • App needs to show list (vertical or horizontal scrolling) and allow navigation to detail
  • Must be able to input/update a data element

Due next week (March 12)

  • Diagram of your Data Model
  • 2-3 screen mockups of your app
  • Working ScrollView prototype of a few sample items from your data (follow along video demo from class but use your own structs and data)
  • Post documentation and scrollview demo video to #sp2020-homework channel
  • Any technical questions/requirements
  • Be prepared to present your idea to the class for feedback

Due after Spring Break (March 26):

  • Completed application with original name and icon