Networked Sensors 4 Development

Description for ITPG-GT.2691.001

This is a 7-week, 2pt course focused on using networked sensors to collect data for real world applications (ranging from challenged in health, the environment, energy, water and sanitation and more). Depending on the challenges we will face and investigate together, we will work on analyzing different types of sensors and on finding the right types of methods for sensing, data collection and data transmission which best fit the needs of the specific application. The data will then get aggregated onto a map/platform to see if, when different data sets are collected in one place, the data sets can relate to each other and provide organizations with a better and more in depth picture of the situation for more effective decision making. The class is aimed at providing an environment to explore sensors and network technologies while getting an overview of some of the current real world problems you can apply these technologies towards. Speakers will join us. P-comp and basic programming skills are required.

Dates, Times & Location:

Wednesdays (Weeks 8-14)
12:10 p.m. to 2:40 p.m.
ROOM 447

  1. March 25
  2. April 1
  3. April 8
  4. April 15
  5. April 22
  6. April 29
  7. May 6

Office Hours:

Thursdays afternoon and after class on Wednesdays by appointment.

Check Benedetta’s Google calendar of NS4D Office Hours for updated schedule and to sign up for a slot USING YOUR NYU EMAIL ADDRESS NOT YOUR GMAIL!

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Benedetta Piantella –

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