• Are we Linear or Non Linear Thinkers
  • Beyond sequence.  Smallest Unit does not need to be the clip
  • Power of Elements
  • What should be the elements?
  • Aesthetics of juxtaposition?
  • Projection and Placeholders, Less Is More
  • Futility of Making Up Words
  • Limits of computer vision, meta data, native structure
  • In the weeds with 3D file formats
  • Scanning rather than modeling is one of the main things that will democratize cinema.



  • Assignment: Create foreground objects to include in last week’s setting.  Use a capture tool for those elements, find a 3D Model in a Repository or make your own 3D model.
  • Depth Cameras, Motions Capture, Light Field
  • Kinectron
  • Keying Example code  and live
  • Point Cloud
  • Fuse to Collada Loader
  • Riff on example code
    • Make a story using the example
    • Import 3D models or Point Cloud into a Panorama
    • Overlay video from classic movies that people copy

Other Tools