Unity Database

For starters, the server setup was ultimately a success, although I went down a few rabbit holes. Basically Unity has it’s way of doing things and networking, a lot of this has to do with its use as a game engine (so a lot of multiplayer talk). I eventually found a solution for an independent server through Firebase, which has a lot of functionality and supports “noSQL” (they have JSON options).

It’s tough to document the process of setting up a server connection, so I’ll share some error messages, hurdles and milestones along the way. The big moment was having the position values of a Unity object (sphere) update in the server live. So updating values a success – next up is figuring out how to parse incoming data so we can access video information. I’m imagining storing a bunch of videos on a seperate server (maybe squarespace) and send the url information based on the user interaction.



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