Assigment 4

Give us your big picture ideas about how emerging technologies and new forms of storytelling will change the media landscape.  Please use category ‘Vision’

This question can be quite difficult to answer mainly because,  the way one would and could imagine how emerging tech will influence media landscape can be completely wrong. So it forces people to thing of a multitude of ways that this change can happen.

However, I believe that technology like augmented and virtual reality will inform media landscape in ways that previous technologies couldn’t.

I believe social VR will be a thing in the future. However, I’m not sure if it will be sustainable Maybe it just reach a specific community. My thought is that the biggest impact it will have on is the gaming community. Those who identify as “gamers” often do not mind being in the same physical space for hours because they game they is immersive to the point that they forget about it. But for most consumers, I think they will eventually lose interest in this because fundamentally,  as a species we still enjoy the feeling that comes with real  human interaction and socialization.

Additionally, I believe more than ever, people will receive their news in a new way. At one point in time, the only way to receive news was over television or radio. Then we could log onto our desktops at home and get news on or a similar news page. Now, we have that same access with out mobile devices. Real soon, I believe that we will have access in our glasses, and this technology  will layer information onto our reality.