A Vision

 A Vision for the Future

I’m scraping the last shreds of grey matter i have left at the moment. I will elaborate, but this is the outline:
0. Dawn of a new potential
1. Improvement of the tech as a driving force
2. Developing storytelling methods in the new mediums
3. Democratizing creation
0. Lumieres
1. Griffith/Melies/etc
2. Eisenstein/Kuleshov/and every movie you’ve ever seen
3. Super8/DV Cam/HD DSLR/Smartphone/Non Linear Editors/Online Education
0. Rebirth by Mark Bolas/Oculus
1. Lighter/Faster/Higher Resolution/More Biometrics
2. You/Me/Us
3. Free Engines/Javascript/UE Blueprints/Online Assets/Open Source Software