This final assignment was curated by Stevie Chambers and Terrick Guttierez. In an effort to tell an interactive story that many people could easily relate to, we took a short trek around the neighborhood and made a record of some spots we pass by on our daily commute to ITP. On the way, we verbally noted the corners in which our paths intersect – which while not necessarily surprising, was cool to think about considering that we travel from two completely different places.

Using a 360 camera, we started our mock-commute at the Path station on 9th Street, detoured from Stevie’s normal route to get to Terrick’s train stop on 4th Avenue, and continued walking toward Tisch, making stops for more 360 flicks along the way (including a few of the places we would meet if we were say, unintentionally, getting to ITP at the same time). We then used dupes (3D scans) of ourselves to “walk” the map in our miniature city, which was made in Unity.

We think of this project as a tool. One that could allow you to see how friends typically commute to a common destination (and is not intended to be creepy at all!) in comparison to your own.