Object-Oriented Video:


  • More options for viewing, More options for making.
  • Convention of Comedians
  • Economy
  • Specificity
  • A photo is better for background



  • Reaching for Archetypal patterns, stories in your mind
  • A sequence of Frames,  Shots, Scenes
  • Dramatic Structure
  • Hero’s Journey
  • How to Write a Screenplay
  • Anatomy of a Folktale — stories have reusable parts
  • Computers as Theater
  • Hamlet on the Holodeck
  • Interactivity
    • Good News: Formula may allow Universal System, Elements are dramatic elements as well as visual elements.
    • Bad News:In a steerable medium people steer away from conflict.
    • Modeling in physical 3D is tough.  Modeling the emotion structure of the world is harder.  Games are simplistic.
    • Can we create social spaces that derive dramatic conflict by deliberately collecting people who disagree (and save society in the the process).


  • Assignment: Create foreground objects to include in last week’s setting.  Use a capture tool for those elements, find a 3D Model in a Repository or make your own 3D model.
  • Keying Example code  and live
  • Loading Video, Models, p5Canvases  in three.js
  • Riff on example code
    • Make a story using the example
    • Import 3D models or Point Cloud into a Panorama
    • Use video from classic movies that people copy
  • Phone, Many Cameras, Depth Cameras, Motions Capture, Light Field, Machine Learning, Modeling
  • Degrees of view

3d Character Creators