• What are the dynamics of modern media?
  • Creation, Sharing
  • Moveable Type made for copies, now we can have versions.
  • What is coming out of a person, not what is going into them.
  • Social Media is the Internet.
  • You are ultimately representing internal reality not external reality.  Cinematics
  • Travel is tedious, is the 3D dimension worth it?  
  • Are 3 dimensions enough for traversing the multidimensional space in your head.
  • How do you find different versions?
  • How to create overlap?
  • Whether you use Unreal, Unity three.js is less important than how your structure the data.  Backend is more important.  As a web technology JS always begs the question of what you are connecting to.
  • What are the dimensions of your fiction? What is in common and what is controversial?  
  • What are the interactions for creating and navigating.
  • Is immersion important?
  • What creates immersion?  Is creation more immersive than viewing?  
  • Can creating be the act of navigating?
  • Power to create fiction.  Our fictions shape our facts.  We have to get this into everyone’s hands.