ITPG-GT.2845.001 | 4pts 14 weeks | Call #: 22599

Tuesday 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM over Zoom

Deqing Sun (deqing.sun[at]nyu.edu)

Github: https://github.com/DeqingSun/Prototyping-Electronic-Devices

Office Hours: Tuesday 4-6. [ sign up here ]

I’m happy to meet at another time if those hours are not convenient. Just email me.

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The most difficult part of prototyping is not the building process, but the process of deciding how to build. If we choose the proper technology for prototypes, we can improve their robustness and simplicity.

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This course will cover available and affordable technologies for ITP students to build prototypes. The course will start with soldering, wiring and LED basics. Then it extends to multitasking, signal processing, communication and advanced skills beyond PCom class.

Each session will have lectures followed by in-class practices with guidance. 

Course Outline

Class structure

Detailed Syllabus


6:30 pm ————————————————–

  • paper questionnaire
  • lectures + in class practices with guidance
  • wrap up

9:00 pm ————————————————–

  • office hours

Late Night ————————————————–


The course is pass/fail for ITP students. The formula for determining the grade is:

  • 20% showing up
  • 40% participating and doing the in-class practice
  • 40% assignments