Hardware Update

I have been working with the GPs and EEG sensor. I have also been experimenting with the Solar Panels and judging how many Volts etc it needs during each moment. Working on sleeping the arduino has been difficult but I have successfully hacked together the EEG and GPS shield. It is not working indoors but as my project is outdoors this should not matter!

IMG_1591 IMG_1595 IMG_1609 IMG_1613


Above are photographs documenting my GPS test with Solar Panel. The Tests prove that the Solar Panel can successfully provide enough electricity to the gPS without a lithium battery. Hacking out the EEG has proved more difficult but I am working on removing them form their casing!




Above is proof of GPs data gathering into CSV. I have also successfully gathered EEG data into CSV and am working on passing these both simultaneously through python into Rhino!


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