Prep For Next Class: GPS, Arduino Libraries, etc

Hi class,

Here are the links that we discussed at the end of class today. Before the next class, please solder your headers and make sure your shield works. If you have a chance to set up a sensor with your shield, all the better. I will put some sample code together and we can try it together in two weeks.

Here are the libraries you will need for next class.

I also set up a class repo, but I don’t think we need it yet.

Week 1 Assignments: Prior You, Prior Art


Blog Post #1: YOU.

  • Name, Photo
  • Year at ITP (First or second)
  • Background, URLs to your work, etc
  • Why this class?
  • Please outline your goal(s) in this class.
  • Is there a quantified self and/or geolocation device you use regularly? If so, please reflect on it.


Blog Post #2: Prior Art, Future Work

Write a 600+ word post on the topics you’d like to explore in class and how they fit with existing academic fields. Discuss how the topics you’re choosing  have been previously explored by least 1 academic paper/project, and provide links and citations. You can use one of the papers discussed in class (slideshow link here), or find your own.  In doing your literature review, the slide titles I used (i.e. Physiological Computing, GIS, etc) may be helpful search terms.

These databases can get you started:

Several of the papers mentioned in the class slideshow were presented at conferences that may be relevant to your research. You can find the conference names in the citations for these papers, but here are a few to get you started. Many of these conferences are organized by ACM or IEEE.


In this post, please also discuss possible locomotive aspects of your project. For instance, will your users be pedestrians, car passengers, drivers, cyclists, subway riders? Knowing this ASAP will help me plan the outdoor logistics for our midterm and final classes.