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Alcove- Data Visualization & Mapping

Processing VisualizationThis week we explored our individual study patterns and manually entered the location element. We realised that we needed to find a better solution to finding GPS as the shield not working indoors was a major usability problem.

Hence, our next step in GPS tracking was: obtaining location coordinates from browser(laptop) or gathering mobile gps data over server databases.

In terms of visualization, the mockups have currently been created by manually mapping the data to the map image.

The blue represents a relaxed mind and the green represents concentration. The details of data viewed depends on the zoom level of the map.

1. Zoomed Out: Concentration of meditation coloured over broad large areas in the map.


2. Medium zoom: Points in the map and which mindset dominated in that place.
3. Zoomed In: A detailed breakdown of  location, time, topics worked on and relative state of mind.


Next Steps:
1. Mobile GPS: Gather mobile GPS data to server. Connect server data to processing visualisation.
2. Browser Data: Work with Fusion maps to integrate maps and brain wave data.
3.  Visualization: Generate visualisations using Processing/ Fusion Maps.
4. Figure out when a mark is made in a map, or would it be a continuous stream on the map. Will time spent at one location determine if a mark is made?
5. Get MindWave data wirelessly to the computer

I am Rucha

profile picHello, my name is Rucha Patwardhan and I am from Mumbai, India.

Year: 1st year

Interests: I am a communication designer, with a specialization in Visual Communication. I have work experience in designing for digital  media and I have worked on new media installations prior to ITP.

At ITP my areas of interest are user experience design in various media, wearable computing and social innovation.

I am interested in understanding what data we unconsciously get throughout our daily lives and make sense of it to understand our habits better.

My goal in this class would be to take a part(e.g: a habit) of this over arching concept and prototype it to understand it better.

A quantified self and/or geolocation device I use regularly?
The device I use the most is my Android phone. I need to to refer to maps, know the temperature of the area that I may visit. I also use it to check the events happening around me over the week.
I love the layers of information that a simple map has with respect to various personalized activities around me.

Link to my literature review & concept notes.