Class 6: Indoor Location (Gershon Dublon), Prep for Final

After discussing last week’s user personal exercises and your responses to them, we’ll spend a bit of time thinking about indoor location. Our guest speaker is Gershon Dublon, a PhD candidate at MIT who assistant taught a class on Location-Based Technologies that I took a few years ago. Gershon does a lot with environmental and somatic sensor networks, location-based tracking, and the arts, as you can see from his site.

We will also talk about final presentations in two weeks, and then we’ll end class early so you have extra work time.  I’d like to see evidence that you’ve been through the whole prototyping cycle:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.38.00 PM

Specifically , please present

– A DEMO (don’t stress if it doesn’t work perfectly), including QS data collection and spatial visualization
– ANALYSIS of a small user study (preferably 2 or more people outside of class)
– REFLECTION on the prototyping cycle and on how you’d prepare for a next iteration, if you were to continue your project.

Though it’s not required, I’m really interested in how (or if!) considering location has changed your perspective on quantified self. This will help me in planning the class for next year.

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