CoDesign on Emotional Spaces

Our co-design “partner” was Nadine, who did an excellent job of breaking down the users and scenarios for our project. This was an excellent experience for better understanding the target audience for our project and optimize the message.


In general, the primary users of our project would be large groups of people, most likely in public exhibitions with many things the see and experience. Nadine was smart to point out that there seems to be a need for a set of experiences for the crowd, as our project relies heavily on the visible reactions of people.

The crowd would work best in a relatively small space due to the constraints of the number of surveillance cameras needed to cover a large area.

Some example scenarios:

  • The ITP show
  • Undergraduate students playing on a basketball team
  • Graduate students at design and tech program in a classroom (very funny Nadine)
  • Middle school students in a public school classroom

In regard to what attracts the audience, there is a wide range of themes, rather than needs, considering our project is a commentary on surveillance as much as it is a tool for quantification of the self. These include privacy, rules & regulation, and authenticity.

For the personas, Nadine believes the priorities we should focus on are therefore:

  1. The purpose of the project – is it entertainment, informationally persuasive, etc.?
  2. The size of the audience
  3. Examination of privacy/rules and regulations
  4. Who is observing and receiving data

User Stories

Nadine outlined 2 possible stories for our project.

The first story is the ITP Spring Show. It is a crowded (300+ people) event, with many different age groups. In general however the group is generally tech enthusiasts, and the space is constantly fluctuating.

The second story is an interesting use of the technology we had not thought of: watching the crowd at an athletic game. The space is just as crowded but the people are more stationary, allowing better measurement. People come for a good time and are intending to be social, so we would find more expressions and reactions.

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