h@ User Experience feedback

Response to creative feedback.

Firstly It was an absolute pleasure hearing Su’s interpretation of my motives and character. Su was also correct in funnelling my interests into environmentalism, design and play.

I had not considered wearing my device with others but having reflected on it, sculpting data in the presence of others has me thinking. I also enjoyed Su’s suggestion of visiting a museum with h@; it would be fascinating studying which artworks gain my attention. I have certainly thought heavily about the environments to wear h@ in since Su raised it.

The purpose of the project was spot on. Although it is an artistic endeavour I really do believe there is plenty of potential with environmental sculpting using data. Additionally, as I have mentioned throughout I adore the challenge of designing with only data points. I would be very keen to allow others to try on h@ once it has been tested to gather others’ data points.

Since last week I have furthered my design and have now constructed the wearable in it’s first prototype form. I am awaiting shipment for bits of bobs but aesthetically is am pleased with h@. Additionally, it fits a treat. Next steps will be to actually test h@ in it’s current form. As the project progressives I am still keen to 3D print an emotive map of NYC. Additionally, I am keen to challenge my design, limiting myself purely to data and code. As well as creating a map I am interested in designing unique objects at specific points of my journey; I truly believe emotive design has plenty of potential.

I have also concluded that I would like to offer pigmented feedback to onlookers on how my attention and meditation fluctuates. I will explore this option with LED’s.








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