Hello, I am Salem

Hey there.

I am Salem Al-Mansoori, and I am a first year student. My background is a bit eccentric: My bachelor’s was in computer engineering, however, prior to joining ITP, I was working in a marketing position in a telecommunications company back home in Dubai for 7 years. As I had to make my way through what it takes to manage and market products with no prior relevant experience, I pursued an MBA between 2009 and 2011. All the while I was an active designer (multidisciplinary, generative, digital fabrication “products”) in my free time.

My portfolio is here: http://www.rbknrbkn.com/ and my blog is on http://www.rbknrbkn.com/workandprogress/.

I have chosen this class because of my interest in the quantified self movement, which I have been following for a while now. Specifically, I am interested in ways we can improve facets of our lives through measuring and monitoring specific parameters.

My goals for this class is to come up with a working prototype to measure aspects of cognition and mood in a way that empowers the user to combat stress and anxiety. For instance, what triggers an episode of anxiety (social, generalized, etc) or depression? (I do go through such episodes occasionally, so I have a personal investment in that topic.)

In terms of my usage of QS devices, I wear (or used to wear, at least) a BodyMedia Fit (http://www.bodymedia.com/?whence=) device, which is a more accurate activity measuring device than pedometer-based devices, as it employs an array of biometric sensors, including a pulse monitor and a galvanic response sensor. It did help me be more active when I was using it more regularly, as it comes with an expansive analytics monitoring and goal-setting web-based software suite.

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