Rivet_User Persona Exercise Response

The user stories presented to us by Michael, Sabrina and Yu confirmed our interpretation of the Rivet user.  The user profile identified the student, child with ADHD and elderly person with cognitive changes.  We will user test the Rivet with students at ITP as well as students self-identified as being diagnosed with ADHD.  We believe our user could be an online or classroom learner that wants to track their attention while listening to or watching a lecture.  Other users might want to increase their ability to focus for longer durations of time and the Rivet can provide information to enable this user to track focus.  The Rivet can also be helpful to users that want to track their attention in different environments accomplishing various tasks.

Although the elderly person with cognitive changes is of interest as a user group, we concluded that it is beyond the scope of this project at the current time.  It would be too difficult to understand the etiology of the cognitive change as well as how to measure improvement. Based on the sensors commercially available we do not feel that we would be able to detect these changes as well.

Our long-term goal would be to test with children however, we would like to test extensively with adults first. We think the Rivet has a broad range of users and applications both academic and social.

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