Su’s spatial visualization


I did a visualization experiment with my Basis data and FourSquare data. This screenshot is showing three days of my heart rate on different locations.


I do not think that I got a valuable insight out of my visualization. For my project, I am not sure spatial is a way to go as one can have so many emotions in one place.  My original assumption was that you will be able to see different emotion on different locations. This presumption was permissive and was proved that it is not easy to “average” out emotions and generalize a personality of a place if you are doing various tasks in one place.  See the upper part of my map, that is my home. It shows wide spectrum of hues. What this exercise verified was that you can have a diverse rage of heart rate data in a same location (especially home and work).

What I am curious to see is other people’s data at same location or time. I wonder if my product, Tiya can mediate various data. For example, one can be motivated if he/she sees that someone else near by is more active and positive. Seeing a group of people’s data will be really interesting for this experiment.


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