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It was really great to have this exchanging project session as I gained fresh perspective on my project. Joy and Rucha gave me brilliant insights on possible segments of Tiya users. From there, I narrowed down to a close network of friends and couples of the Millenials.

Here are the main characteristics of my target user:

Between Friends, Between Millenials

  • Who wants to always stay in touch (in an effortless way)
  • Who wants to connect better with their core network                     ex) family, besties
  • Who wants social media for emotions.
  • Who wants instant feedback, not many words.
  • Who wants effortless communication
  • Who is seeking to feel more/evoke emotions in busy urban life.
  • Who loves finding new ways of communication.
  • Who wants to see real time updates of friends
  • Who are lonely
  • Who likes emojis

Millenial Couples

  • Who thinks he/she is not communicating well or expressing himself/herself well virtually.
  • Couples who can’t see each other often. ex) long distance, couples who work a lot
  • Couples who love their own secret language.
  • Who are seeking for real time monitoring of whom you care
  • Who are not satisfied with chatting app.
  • Who is always looking for something exciting for a relationship.
  • Who wants the look and feel of emotions rather than stickers in apps(physical feedbacks beyond apps).
  • Couples who are all about expressing love.

Again, thank you Joy and Rucha for your creative brain! This was a great learning for me 🙂

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