WEEK 1 : POST 2 Prior art, future work

Since I have entered Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) at NYU for studying interaction, which is among people or between people and environment, machines, and so on, I would like to work on visualizing the comparison between geographical data and our response towards them. The city, where we are living in now, has a different kind of environmental factors, such as sidewalks, buildings, roads, bridges and parks. I am using locational data to find a location of myself, but I have not looked about what is inside of this location map. This is one of the reasons that I choose this class that looking bio-metric data, especially in a relationship between locational data and bio-reaction that we can not see in a regular basis. Most of cases which I would like to explore, my future users would be pedestrians, in response to stimulation surrounding spaces. This is my first attempt of working with geographical data. Therefore I am not quite sure how far I am going to explore and what I can do and what I cannot do yet. However, here is a rough idea list that I would like to explore so far.

  • Maybe a heat map (or even in other forms), visualizing data in response to heart rate
  • relationship between heart rate and emotional stimuli or vice versa
  • Comparison between heart rate and factors in external worlds
  • (if I can get data from people) relationship between environment and emotion of people (macro data)
  • (if I can get data from people) comparison between individual vs group of people

First one will be a heat map (or even in the other forms for visualizing data), which visualize the data in response to heart rates; First of all, I would like to start up with how a human heart rate is related to environmental factors. I am curious about what factor affect to the heart rate and how. I guess it depends on situations and people, but for my personal experience, I feel very nervous when I am surrounded by too many people in such small space, and I feel very comfortable when I am in the capacious park. I would like to look into how my heart rate can be differed by different location or situation. Second one that I want to look is a relationship between heart rate and emotional stimuli and compare heart rate and factors in an external world (such as concentration of CO2, or density of people, building); I assume that heart rate can be changed by emotional stimulation. In the book Emotions and heart rate while sitting on a chair, Jenni Anttonen and Veikko Surakka analyze how heart rate is related to human’s positive or negative emotions. In this paper, authors introduce that heart rate start to decelerate when people are in a negative mood, rather than in neutral or positive mood. I think this implies a great potentiality towards visualizing things that are in the inside of people. I also think heart rate is not only linked to the emotional response, but it is also linked to the other environmental factors, such as dense population around the users, noise, concentration of CO2, and so on. According to the Bio Mapping, what I would like to work on seems one of the ways of bio-mapping, which is a method for analyzing people’s reaction toward their external world. In over twenty five cities across the world and two thousands people have researched this project. In Assessing contextual mood in public transport: a pilot study, the author also points out measuring quality of experience around us may define status which response to the environmental, and which will be information for enhancing people’s lives. Now I am leaning towards visualizing subjective data, but I still cannot assure what exact path would be for my future project. I would like to try whatever it shows interesting consequences.

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  1. Good job explaining your ideas in the context of the papers discussed in class. You may need to develop the location-based aspect of your concepts beyond environmental conditions, but this should be straightforward– just consider how geography may play a role in your findings.

    Since you are interested in emotion and environment, I think your concept has potential overlap with:
    Michael Oneppo bio and lit review

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