Zander Midterm – H@

H@ – locative emotive design.

I am building a solar powered EEG and GPS wearable. H@ will allow me to emotively map my movement through NYC which I will 3D print into a unique map of the city. H@ also allows me to redesign the urban environment based on emotional data I will gather at each lon and lat point. I will 3D print my emotional interpretation of the city and its features including lampposts, pavements, bridges and buildings.

∆ Quantify emotional relationship with environment
∆ Physically print the emotional feedback
∆ Challenge traditional concepts of designing and mapping.
∆ Attempt to redesign urban spaces based on exact emotional feedback.

Prior Mapping and EEG Design

Cristian Nold – Bio Mapping – 2004
The Bio Mapping tool allows the wearer to record their Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which is a simple indicator of emotional arousal in conjunction with their geographical location. This can be used to plot a map that highlights point of high and low arousal. By sharing this data we can construct maps that visualise where we as a community feel stressed and excited.




The current prototype is not as elegant as I would want the final but it has been useful to get dimensions etc. I have scanned my head using the Xbox Kinect and can therefore 3D Print an exact fitting headband. The current solar panelled prototype does work and has been tested in Washington Square Park.

plot 1 plot 2

Current Challenges that I am faced by are interlinking the EEG timestamp with the GPS timestamp, allowing me to plot exact designs in each position. I am also keen to really challenge the role of ‘designer’ with my procedure and am looking forward to the challenge of designing with data.



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