Talking to the Elephant

Techniques For Talking Directly to the Rest of



Talking Directly To Your Unconscious:

  • Consciousness (rider) is pretty powerless in a contest. Willpower loses.
  • The frustration that we don’t respond to reason. Unconscious Evolved to be Resistant.  Hard to talk to.  Insight of limited value.
  • Behaviour Change, Behaviorism, Cognitive Psychology
  • Can you Change Anything
  • Human Software are Stories
  • Social Facts
  • Show vs Tell, Explain vs Experience
  • Nudge, BJ Fogg, Rationality Camp, Sensation, Self Quantifiers
  • Embodied Cognition. Does cognition flow from body to brain.  Computational model problematic
  • Priming
  • Skepticism of psychology experiments.

What Would You Say:

  • What do you want if you could change yourself?   What is good.  This is what is what is left to humans.
  • What is Positive Psychology?
  • Is happiness a useful concept?
    • Feel Nothing:
    • Feel Pleasant:  don’t go to graduate school
    • Feel Engaged:  work backward from what you can do to what you want to do autotelic on tasks just a little beyond you and get excited about finishing them.
    • Feel Meaningful: make things that explain the world.  try to steer your autotelic short-term goal towards achieving something bigger than you. (ie help other people).
  • How do you pursue happiness scientifically?  Does Technology Help?
      • Altruism, Savoring, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Signature Strength, Meaning, Optimism, Flow, Sufficer, Social group

What Should We Say To Each Other?

    • What would other people tell your elephant to do and how would they do it?
    • What would you change in other peoples elephants?  This is where it gets hard.
    • Morality and Cooperation
    • Groups are good.  Nationalism leads to altruism.  Groups are bad Nationalism leads to Naziism?
    • Do you come from a more group-oriented culture?
    • Moral Psychology, Our tools for making moral decisions have the same illusion that consciousness and rationality is more at work than it is.
    • Morals  Very quick and intuitive methods.  Rationality backfills to our intuitions. Tail Wag.
    • Our media ecology, exposed to more articles than ever before but we just use it to read more of what we believe.
    • Talk Past Each other, Problems Democrats vs Republicans Chinese, Americans and Russians.  Islamic Government vs Secular Governments. Northern Southern Ireland, Colleagues, Friends? Family? Couples?
    • Circle of Empathy?  How do we pick who we care about with DNA test for kin selection?
    • Common Moral structure Care/harm, Fairness/cheating, Liberty/oppression, Loyalty/betrayal, Authority/subversion, and Sanctity/degradation.
    • AR for WEIRD people to see more.
    • Should we resign to the elephant running the show or do better at accepting peer-reviewed journals. Rational memes?
    • Expressing groups is now done more steerable media than physical space.
    • Will you let algorithms automatically change you?
  • You have been driven by one unconscious machine, should you just accept and external (software algorithm) version?
  • If we acknowledge that we need to talk to the elephant, how do you talk to the elephant about morals?