Homework 3 – Lutfi

I am interested in ornamental lamp. Here is a 3D model I made of an existing craft. That model gave me an inspiration to make a chochin (Japanese traditional lamp) in a shape of bird.


Here is the sketch of chochin I want to explore

Chochin 3

Possible materials for this chochin :

  • High temperature materials
  • Rigid opaque materials (For the frame of the chochin)
  • Elastic materials (Alternative material for the frame, maybe for pinch interaction)
  • Flexible paper-like material (To wrap the chochin)

For this object, I want to use data about bird population. The population data will be used to determine the length of the frames of the chochin. Each data that is sculpted into the frame will be arranged in a way to create the shape of a bird at its essence.


Other ideas :

– Power Extension Cord & Data about source of energy in various regions/countries

Homework 2 (Processing) – Lutfi

For processing assignment, I gathered data on urban and rural population of 20 countries with largest GDP. The data was acquired from The World Bank’s databank.



The countries were arranged (in row-major-order) in terms of their GDP. The light green bar represents the rural population and the darker bar represents the urban population.