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Past Project Videos

Data Resources
Data Services Studio (DSS) – The best resource we’ve found so far. Located on the 5th floor of Bobst library, DSS offers one-on-one consultations with data librarians, dedicated workstations, and software training for all kinds of data research and analysis, including GIS.

Online Data Resources
1.) NYC open data –
3.) ICPSR – available through DSS (see above). “Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research.”
4.) Linked Ancient World Data Institute – Not quite launched yet, but could have some interesting leads to data related to Ancient World Studies. Recommended contacts are Tom Elliot (head of the project at NYU), and Chuck Jones (the librarian for NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World).
5.) Spacial History Project – at Stanford. From their site: “We embrace visualization as a way not simply to illustrate conclusions, but a means of doing research.”
6.) The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database – clean, downloadable data on 35,000 ship voyages.
7.) Center for History and New Media – George Mason University. Good resources for historical data and text-mining tools.
8.) WordSeer – Open-Source text analysis tool being developed at UC Berkeley. Full code available on GitHub.
9.) “Real World Data Sets” – an ecclectic list of data sets for a java class at Princeton. Everything from Dickens to Starbucks.
10.) Open Data Repositories – a wiki that collects links to open data sets in major academic fields including astronomy, biology, chemistry, linguistics and on and on….

CSV Reader 
Incase you don’t have a excel on your mac, you can download OpenOffice
(it’s free)

download rhino for mac
general help manuals and tutorial example models install tutorials
STL repair guilde
Screen Recording of Tulip Table and Pantone Chair in Dropbox under 2_RhinoWorkshop

Rhino Paneling Tools
Paneling tools manual
Paneling tools download for PC
Rhino Paneling Tools Vidoes
2D example 02
2D example 03a
2D example 03c
2D example 03f
2D example 03g
3D example 01
3D example 02

McNeel Python Wiki
How to setup Rhino Python on a Mac
Rhino.python download
Rhino.python syntax
Kimono Download
Komono How to Set Rhino.Python Autocomplete
How to Show Hidden Files on a mac
Python Library reference
Python Built in Functions
Python Comparisons

3D Printing
How to Print from Rhino to Makerbot
AMS 3D printer guide
AMS info ITP
AMS website

Meshlab + Netfabb
Netfabb download
Meshlab download
PDF showing Rhino-Meshlab-Netfabb-AMS process in Dropbox under 2_RhinoWorkshop

Other Methods of Data Input and Parsing (by Daniel Shiffman)
Example 18-5: Parsing Yahoo’s XML weather feed manually
Example 18-6: Analyzing King Lear
Example 18-7: Loading a URL with simpleML
Example 18-8: Loading XML with simpleML
Example 18-11: Yahoo search visualization
Hashmap Example Dracula Text

Processing Libaries
traer physics

Rapid Prototyping Binder Vendors

Maxwell Render free download for SketchUp
Google SketchUp free download
SketchUp Tutorials
Maxwell Render for Rhino PC : Purchase / Free 30 day trial with watermark download
Vray for Sketchup for Mac Free Trial Version Download
Vray for Sketchup Manual PDF
Vray for Rhino Download for PC Free Trial Version Download
Maya Free Trial Version
AutoDesk Free 3-year Trial for Students (scroll down for Maya)

Video Post Production
Adobe After Effects Free Trial Download