Crafting high-quality code and the dark art of refactoring.

Time/Date: Jan 20, 3:30PM – 4:30PM

Room: Room 50

Instructor: Dan


Quite often we come back to code that we wrote late at night which looks like a big jargon of nonsense and wonder – what the f was I thinking? Where is this bug occurring and how can I ever fix it? This workshop will go through best practices for writing beautiful code that is less prone to errors, and easy to understand and debug.  It will teach why, when and how to refactor your code to be cleaner, and easier to modify in response to new or changing features.

This workshop is useful both for experienced developers and those new to programming. It will go through:

  • When and why to create a function, and characteristics of high-quality functions
  • Best practices for naming variables and functions.
  • Where to declare variables and initialize them depending on their purpose
  • How to write code that is protected from unexpected errors
  • How to establish a consistent style (and why it’s important).
  • Hands-on examples of refactoring code that is impossible to understand to something that’s sexy and easy to read.


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