Human Genetics: Genes in Human Health & Disease (CCEX-SHU 136)

The goal of the first half of the course is to build a basic understanding of how information about traits is encoded in our genes, how this “blueprint” is interpreted by cellular machinery to build a complex human being, and how our heredity has resulted in our evolution. In the senond half of the course, we will continue the exploration of how environment, experience and random errors affect the process of building our traits, what happens when these processes fail, and the promise and possible peril of genetic technologies for human life. Fulfillment: CORE ED (with CCEX-SHU 137)

Exper Discovery in Nat World (Undergraduate)
4 credits – 15 Weeks

Sections (Spring 2023)

CCEX-SHU 136-000 (21479)
01/30/2023 – 05/12/2023 Tue,Thu
11:00 AM – 12:00 AM (Morning)
at Shanghai
Instructed by Yu, Danyang

CCEX-SHU 136-000 (21480)
01/30/2023 – 05/12/2023 Tue
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (Early afternoon)
at Shanghai
Instructed by Yu, Danyang