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Fabrication Classes

Introduction to Fabrication

Time to get your hands dirty. Prototypes need to be created, motors have to be mounted, enclosures must be built. Understanding how things are fabricated makes you a better maker. But hardware is hard. You can’t simply copy and paste an object or working device (not yet anyway), fabrication skills and techniques need to be developed and practiced in order to create quality work. You learn to make by doing. In this class you will become familiar and comfortable with all the ITP shop has to offer. We will cover everything from basic hand tools to the beginnings of digital fabrication. You will learn to use the right tool for the job. There will be weekly assignments created to develop your fabrication techniques. There will be in class lectures, demos, and building assignments. Emphasis will be put on good design practices, material choice, and craftsmanship.


Subtractive fabrication is a common manufacturing process that produces durable and functional objects. This class will cover multiple techniques on machining and milling raw material into custom parts. We will focus on both traditional and digital fabrication tools: lathe, CNC router, 4 axis mill, etc. We will cover CAD, CAM, and machine setups as well as research affordable desktop milling solutions for personal shops.

Art Toy Design

Is it a plaything? Sculpture? Nostalgia? A Product? Art toys exist at the center of a unique Venn diagram.  Each student in this class will develop an original limited edition art toy. We will cover toy fabrication, character design, material selection, packaging design, and art toy culture.  The class will be fabrication heavy, there will be weekly assignments, and a final project.


In this class we will be creating robots that travel along the XYZ axes. Our bots will draw, paint, push, and plant. You will gain an understanding of both the best practices of design and the anatomy of gantry machines by assembling and working with existing CNC kits. We will exploit robust off-the-shelf solutions for the X and Y, and reinvent the Z. There will be a heavy focus on concept, mechatronics, and fabrication.

Reinventing the Wheel

The class will dive deep into one of the simplest machines. The humble wheel has been with us for millennium, but is ripe for reinvention. We will investigate and create wheeled mechanisms, toys, kinetic sculptures, and robots. Our objects will roll, spin, and slide. We will cover fabrication, mechatronics, design, and engineering techniques. This class will be prototype and fabrication heavy with multiple projects and a final.