2 by 4 Project Enclosure

2 by 4 Project Enclosure

A cheap technique for a custom project enclosures.


2 x 4

I grabbed a piece of scrap 2 by 4 from the bins in the shop.


Using a pencil, I roughly laid out the intended circuit board and dimensions.


Choose components with the proper depth

I selected components that would fit inside of my enclosure.  The toggle switch will fit, the arcade button on the right is too tall to fit.


Using the miter saw, I cut the 2 by 4 to length.



I used a counter sink bit to drill 4 screw holes in the corners of the piece of wood.



I used 4 screws (that are not too long for my 2 by 4) and screwed them in place.  There should be a bit of resistance when screwing them in.


Important: Unscrew the screws at this point.


Making sure that I have removed the 4 screws, I cut about 3/8″ off of the back of the 2 by 4 on the band saw.  The back is the side with the screw holes.  Do not worry if the cut is not straight.



Using a forstner bit on the drill press, I drilled the 4 corners leaving roughly 1/4″ of material at the bottom.


Securing the wood in a vice on the press, I drilled out the remaining material.  Again, leaving about 1/4″ of material at the bottom.



Drill holes on the front side for components.


Screw the enclosure together and sand.  You can use the power sander in the shop or sand by hand with a sanding block


You can paint, stain, oil, wax, or leave it raw wood.


Attach components and screw the enclosure together.