Assignment: Character Design

In Class: Character Design

Nothing is precious.  Always be drawing during the time periods, repeat yourself if you have to.  This exercise is meant to free you up and get ideas down on paper.

Mr. Moobo, we will take design direction from a 6 year old.  Mr. Moobo is an original character created by Benjamin Daley, my nephew, and has the following characteristics:

  • He has rocks for feet
  • He has stalactites and stalagmites for teeth
  • A stalactite for a tongue
  • He has ferns for breath
  • Flowers for hands
  • He has birds for fingernails
  • He has bears for a body, not a bear’s body, one bear for a chest, one bear for a belly, one bear for a back
  • He has electricity for arms and legs

If you make an actual Mr. Moobo toy, I have to pay Benjamin $1 for every figure made.

Juxtaposition, two elements that don’t fit and are put together.

We will pick two objects from our list and take 10 minutes to create one character.  Do two quick image searches for reference pictures.  Anything goes, nothing precious, just to loosen us up.  Feel free to use color.

Appropriation, taking something that already exists and adding something to it to make something new.

Pick something that feels nostalgic for you and bend it.  Pull up some reference images.  Mix your style with something else.  Take 5 minutes to create your character.  Use color.

Now take a fellow classmate’s appropriated character/object/etc and do the exercise again.  5 minutes.

Emotion and depth through articulation/posture.

Pick an emotion.  Using only simple geometric forms (sphere, cone, cylinder…) create a four characters in 4 minutes that expresses that emotion.  Do not use color.

Complexity, saying more than one thing, having more than one emotion.

Using the peg form create 16 characters.  Spend 1 minute on each.


Peg Print Out A
Peg Print Out B


Assignment: Character Turnarounds

Take one of the characters you created in class and draw a formal turnaround (front, back, left, right, top, and bottom)

Character Turnaround

Scan or take an picture and post to your blog.

Creating a Character Turnaround Sheet