Week 4: Finishes


The finish is an important step.

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Artists to Watch




Hand Painting

A simple paint job can transform a piece.



Painters tape or use the vinyl cutter or laser to create intricate masks for painting.

Masking the eye and mouth areas to be painted white 🐳

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If the object is round, you can use the lathe or drill press to get clean even lines.



Laser etch off paint





Dying Plastic

Some plastics, like delrin and nylon, can be dyed.  Rit and Jacquard iDye are popular dyes.

Jacquard iDye Poly Orange

Finally getting a chance to dye the #Acetal parts with #RitDye. #R&D

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Polishing Metal

Polishing Acrylic

Just a few minutes, using only the Tripoli Polishing Buffing Compound, leaves an amazing glass like finish.  It also has the added benefit of softening all of the sharp edges of the acrylic.


Tumbling 3D Printed Parts



W.I.P 바디 반쪽 2시간째 🤮

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Mega Hobby Car Decals
Transfer Stickers



First prototype is due.


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