Week 5: Packaging Design


Sometimes the package your toy comes in is as desirable as the toy itself.  We will go over some quick techniques and look at some inspirational pieces.

Baako Tribal Toy


Mid-Way Survey Results

Let’s hear what you all had to say.

Character Design Crit

Everyone will present their work and quickly discuss it.

Artists to Watch

Obvious Plant


Packaging.  Is it utilitarian?  Gets your product safely from point A to point B?  Is it eye catching?  Encouraging shoppers to make impulse buys?  Is it something more?  An experience?  A joy to unbox?

Is your toy’s package part of the art work?  Is the package the whole point?  Is the package how you want it displayed?  Is your toy meant to stay inside the package?  Is the unpacking process part of the experience?  We will examine all of these possibilities.

Resealable bags

Straightforward, simple, and cost effective.


Black matte resealable plastic bags

Resealable Black Matte Plastic Bags

Header Card and Bag

A take on some classic packaging for a toy.  It evokes a “cheap toy” feeling.

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Header Card Packaging

Blister Packs

Vacuum formed plastic bubbles adhered to a card back.  Another take on children’s toy packaging.  Typically, used for action figure-like sculpts.

Hanger Holes

Hanger holes are the punched out part that allows the package to hand on a display rod or peg.

Hanger hole chart

Handheld Hanger Hole Punch
Hand Held Slot Punch

Off the Shelf/Ready Mades

Boxes, tubes, and bags can all be purchased in bulk and used as packaging.


Cardboard Tube/Poster Tubes/Postal Tubes


Colored Shipping Tubes
Clear Retail Tubes
Clear Plastic Tubes

Wooden Boxes

Paper Mart Wooden Slide Boxes

Take Out Containers

Chinese Take Out Box - Black

Take out containers

Uline Food Containers

Paint Cans

Foam Inserts


Art Boxes

For some pieces, the boxes are as much a piece of art as the toy.


Super Fiction

Custom Packages

Start with a paper prototype


Vacuum Formed Packaging

Blind Boxes

Custom Labels

Add labels to your packaging.  Have the toy’s name displayed proudly.  Add classic toy text: For ages 10 and up, Fun for all ages,  Chocking hazard: Contains small parts, etc.

Sticker Mule


Box Building and Custom Laser Cutter Labels


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Only one remains! Grab it while you can! **LINK IN PROFILE** BIG thanks to everyone who pre-ordered for being patient and the handful of folks who scooped up the few extras I made last night. They've all shipped and will be arriving early next week, with the exception of a couple international orders which may take a bit longer. Despite all the effort, long days, and really late nights it required to make a large batch of the Masterpiece Editions for the very first time, the feeling of accomplishment when completed was truly overwhelming and such a huge relief. Thank you for the continued support! #KillerBootlegs #HunterSThompspn #BootlegToys #WoodWorking #ScreenPrinting #ActionFigureArt

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Keep working and refining your toy.  Experiment with finishes and materials.  Remember, you will be making 4 or more of them.

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