Week 13: Grab Bag


This is our last lecture. We will take a look at some of the plug-ins you can add to Fusion 360, some Fusion 360 features, and other CAD packages you may come across.

Final Project Check In

Any roadblocks? Any problems? Anything we can take care of right now?

Fusion 360 Plugins

You can add extra functionality by downloading plugins from the Fusion 360 App Store. Some plug-ins require a small fee.

Note: Some of the most popular plug-ins do not work at the moment due to Fusion updates.

Note for Mac users: there may be issues with installing plug-ins.

Shaper Utilities –  provides a range of workflow improvements enhancing Shaper products. But we can use it to export SVGs for the laser cutter and Othermills.

Voronoi Sketch Generator – add-in for generating Voronoi diagrams. Once created, a Voronoi diagram is inserted into a sketch and then may be used for creating or modifying models.

Helical Gear Plus – generates straight, helical and herringbone external, internal and rack gears.

Bevel Gears Maker – The plugin creates bevel gears shafts for angles from 10 to 160 degrees. The basic version makes shafts with straight teeth.

Dowel Joint Plug-in – add-in creates a dowel joint between two boards. This add-in allows you to specify the dimensions and location of the joint. It is particularly useful in woodworking.

Vox-O-Matic – allows you to voxelize any model that can be created in, or imported into Fusion 360.

Random Maze Generator – enables you to create a 3D model of a random 3D maze in a very simple and efficient way.

Braille Creator – creates up to 8 lines of 6 dot braille. You enter the braille using ASCII braille. 

Other CAD Software

You will most likely need other CAD packages for future projects. The following are free software packages you may find interesting.

Inkscape – is professional quality vector graphics software which runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows desktop computers.

It is great for creating 2D drawings for the laser and mills. But it can also run our AxiDraws with a free plug-in.

Cuttle – It’s both a vector editor (like Illustrator) and a programming environment (like Processing or OpenSCAD).

Vectorworks – is my go to CAD for 2D files. Very straight forward, in my opinion, great for 2.5D CNC work.

SVG from VectorWorks

  • In Vectorworks click File, Export, Export DXF/DWG…
  • In the Export Options menu, export you file as Format: DXF (Text), Version: 2010
  • Open your DXF file in Adobe Illustrator
  • If asked, set units to inches, then set scale to 1:1
  • Save As… your file as an .svg
  • Open the SVG file in another software

Solidworks – is an advanced CAD program typically found in the engineering industry that you have access to via the NYU Virtual Computer Lab.

Tsugite – an interactive system for designing and fabricating wood joints for frame structures. Interesting article about Tsugite.

Fusion 360 Features

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal design has some unique design features. You need to know what material it is before you start with your designs. Material properties are taken into account in your designs as well.

Simulation – is another workspace. Simulations can be performed on parts to determine deformations and failures.


Your final projects are due next week. You will all present your project in class. You will have 5-7 minutes to present, you will take questions, and you will have it documented on your blog.