We’ll take a look at our technical drawings. We’ll discuss the X,Y,Z axes, review some modeling terms, and talk through our modeling methodology.

Fusion 360

Did everyone install and open Fusion 360? Any issues?

Let’s look at our Technical Drawing

Let’s look at our technical drawings. Why did we pick the side we picked to be the front? Did anything give us problems?

X, Y, and Z Axis

X, Y, and Z axis

X Axis – For now, let’s think of it as the left to right axis

Y Axis – Up and down

Z Axis – Into and off of the page

Everything we create in CAD will live somewhere along X, Y, Z.

Modeling Terms

Extrude – Creates a solid from an object that encloses an area. Simply put, create a 3D form by “pulling or pushing” a 2D shape. Command is “Create Sketch” and “Extrude”

Start with a sketch of a square
Extrude the square to create a box

Pocket/Engraving/Etching – A pocket operation removes material inside of a geometry to a certain depth. Command is “Extrude” but you want to create a “Cut”.

Sketch oval on a surface
The oval can be extruded to form a pocket
Or the oval can be extruded all the way through the part to create a hole

Cross-section – A view into the inside of something made by cutting through it. The command is “Section Analysis”

Cross section of our part

Some more cross section examples on a technical drawing.

Offset Section – A type of cross section used to show parts and features that do not line up with each other. Cutting-plane line does not travel in a straight line. The offsets or bends in the cutting plane line do not show in the section.

Offset Section

Dimensioned Drawings

Let’s dimension our drawing

Psuedo CAD

We’re going to talk through how we can possibly make the forms we want to make.

“Take the square shape and pull it in the X direction.”

“Take the oval shape on the front side and push it through the form.”

Let’s look at our technical drawings again. In Psuedo CAD, how would we model this shape is 3D?

Let’s Explore Fusion 360

Creating a Sketch in Fusion 360


80-20 extrusion
80-20 Extrusion

Create a 3D object by “pulling” a 2D object

Extrusion Exercise

We will create a 3D model by extruding a 2D sketch.

First start with a technical drawing of what you want to model.

Print this out if you can. Write on it, use it for testing your ideas.

Create the drawing of the cross section in CAD.

Sketch of MakerBeam to be extruded.
Dimensioned sketch of MakerBeam cross section

Select the cross-section you want. Hold shift down and click the shapes you want to extrude.

Extrude the cross section to the desired length. Use the “Extrude” command and create a new body.

How to Create Laser Cutter Files in Fusion 360

If you want to use Fusion 360 to create Laser cutter files, you will need to export as SVG files. You will need to download an App to do this. The link below tells you how to do it.


Tools, Add-Ins, Fusion App Store, Search “Orign”, download ShaperUtilities, install, restart Fusion360


Create a new extrusion in Fusion 360. Find a dimensioned drawing of an extrusion. Create a sketch of the cross-section. Extrude the sketch to create a 3D model.

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