Week 3: More 3D modeling


We are going to learn a wide variety of techniques and tips for hard edge modeling. This is going to be a kitchen sink kind of class today.

But first, let’s discuss at the homework.

Create a Drawing from Model

We will create technical drawings from our parts. Use the “Drawing” feature. Place part, then use the “Projected View” command. Use the “Dimension” command to add dimensions.

Dimension on Drawings Rules:

  • Don’t duplicate
  • Use the minimum amount of dimensions
  • Never cross dimension lines

Constraining Sketches

A fully constrained sketch is defined. Dimensions are given. Parallels and perpendiculars are noted. Constrained sketches give you full control of your model as you make changes and edits.

2.5D vs 3D

So far we have only created what are called 2.5D models, simple extrusions of a cross-section. The techniques we learn today will allow us to create “true” 3D models.

Taper Extrude

Simply adding a taper angle to your extrude command can give you interesting volumes.

Tapered extrusion
Tapered extrusion

CAD Features and Tips

We can create boxes and thin walled models quickly using the “Shell” command.

Upside down Devo hat
Cross-section of Devo hat, use “Section Analysis” command


Webs can be seen as structural elements for shelled objects. Use the “Web” command.


You can spin a profile around an axis to get interesting shapes. Use the “Revolve” command.

Using Solid Volumes

Using the “Combine” command you can add or subtract solid volumes from each other.

Using Text on a model

You can add text to a sketch, use the “Sketch” command when in a sketch.

SVG for 3D

We can use pre-existing SVG files to make 3D models.

Construction Planes


We will use “Offset Plane”, “Emboss”, and “Pattern” to create embossed patterns.


Put a bunch of these techniques together. Extrude Taper, Pattern, Shell, Sweep…


Create three different models using a bunch of the above techniques. Take one of the models and create a dimensioned drawing of that part. Post to your blogs.

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