Week 4 – Working With Models


We will learn a few more useful tools in Fusion 360. We will learn a couple of techniques for creating the parts we want. And we will learn how to work with components.


Let’s look at the homework. Where did we have problems? Did we have favorite commands? What worked? What didn’t?

A good practice is to try and model something everyday. It doesn’t have to be fancy or precious. Nothing more than 20 minutes. Following a tutorial is a great way to do it. Here are two great tutorials to follow: Model an LED Bulb and Cut Holes Remove Material from Objects.


Sweeping profiles along paths. Create a path with the Spline tool, then create a profile with the circle tool. We will use Plane Along Path under Construction and then Sweep.


Create three offset planes and three profiles, one on each plane. Loft the three profiles.

Three profiles
Loft command

Thread Tool

Add threads to cylindrical objects.

Combine Lofts and Thread commands can have interesting results.

Adding reference images

We can work with and sketches and reference images in Fusion 360.

You can insert a Canvas (an image) and use that as a reference.

Creating a series of extrusions based on a pencil sketch

Using the Spline tool and Mirror, I was able to quickly model the shape of my cartoon-y face.

In class exercise: Draw something, say a cartoony face, simple lines but not necessarily made up of just circles and squares. Take a picture of it. Upload it as a Canvas. Using the Spline and Mirror tool, recreate the face in CAD.

McMaster Piece

In class exercise: We will pull a bunch of parts from McMaster Carr and fit them together with a connector of our own devising. Pick a few parts from below and create a part that connects them using the Combine tool, we will take 10 minutes.

Remember you can insert a part from McMaster Carr by using insert “McMaster Carr Component” and the part number. You want to pick the Step file option. Note: not all parts in the McMaster Carr catalogue have CAD drawings.

External Retaining Ring – 98585A121

Eye Bolt – 3014T45

Ball Joint Rod End – 60645K31

Bearing Housing – 2829N2

Square Manifold – 3491N12

Hose Fitting – 5350K31

Idler Rotary Shaft – 2435K11

Quick Release Pin – 98320A135

Bodies vs components

Create an enclosure using the model of an Arduino we saw last week. We can use some buttons on a control panel.

Assembling parts


Part 1: Make a part that is roughly 2″x2″x2″ that has at least two 1/4-20″ internal threads on them. Anything goes for the shape, have fun with it.

Part 2: Make a model that is made up of multiple components, similar to the screw driver example.

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