Week 9: Online Vendors

Online Fabrication Services
The following list are online fabrication vendors.  Last we checked, they are still open for business.  Most of these services can quote a price before any work is done.

Online Laser Cutting Services
Big Blue Saw
Send Cut Send (metal laser cutting only)

Online CNC Services
eMachine Shop
3D Hubs

3D Printing Services
eMachine Shop
3D Hubs

PCB Manufacturing Services
Advance Circuits

Waterjet Cutting Services
Big Blue Saw


Quote Process

Some of these services have instant quoting.  Export your CAD drawings in a format that the service requires, pick your material, and your quantity.  The more you want, the cheaper each individual part will be.

I went through the process for a small aluminum part.  The quotes can be seen below for CNCs, waterjet cutting, and metal laser cutting.

3D Hubs quote
3D Hubs quoted 5 CNCd parts at $186.15
Big Blue Saw quote
Big Blue Saw quoted 5 waterjet cut parts at $94.70
eMachine Shop quote
eMachine Shop quoted 5 CNCd parts at $224.55
Send Cut Send quote
Send Cut Send quoted 6 laser cut aluminum parts at $29.00