Embellish Laser Etching

Two quick tricks for adding a little more finish to laser etched acrylic.


The Sharpie Trick

Difficult to read

If the laser etch is thin, text for example, you can use a permanent marker to highlight it.

What you’ll need


Color over the etch with a Sharpie, no need to stay in the lines.


Then go over the surface with a dry erase marker, only the surface, not the etch.


Wipe clean with a rag or paper towel and you’re good to go.


Over Paint and Sanding

When the etch is a bit bigger than just text, use acrylic paint to fill in the voids.


You can over-paint the area, no need to stay in the lines.


After the paint dries, use high grit sand paper (400, 600, and/or 800) to take the extra paint off.


If there are voids or pock-marks in the finish, you can repaint, let it dry, and sand again.