Week 4: Enclosures


In this class we will scratch the surface of creating project enclosures.  We will go over common (and not so common) examples and techniques.

“Everybody needs boxes.” — John Locke

Project Enclosures

Show and Tell

We’ll review and discuss last week’s assignment.  What processes/techniques/tools did we use?  Any tips?  What would we change if we could do it all over again?

Tool of the Week

Nibbling Tool

The nibbling tool is great for cutting non-uniform holes in sheet material.

Nibbling Tool How To

Tip of the Week

“Find your standard.”

Whether it is the screw, motor, material, connector, enclosure, or tool you fall back on — be consistent.  It will make your current and future projects easier.

Project Enclosures

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Project enclosures are such a broad topic, they could practically be anything.  But when creating one you typically want the following:

  • Easy to open
  • Easy to modify
  • Easy to make multiples
  • Cheap

Don’t Do This

Laser cut finger joint box

I know it seems like a great idea and getting the files are incredibly easy, but these boxes are difficult to get right.  Material thickness, tolerance, and glues have to be taken into consideration.  These types of enclosures are typically a headache, and I suggest you avoid them whenever possible.

Off the shelf Project Enclosures

Plastic project enclosures

Adafruit, TinkerSphereSparkFunMouser, and many more sell project enclosures.  There is no shame in using off the shelf.

Button Box Project

Buttons Box

Red Anodized Enclosure

Red Anodized Aluminum Enclosures

Standoffs and Panels

Button panels held together with standoffs

Aluminum standoffs

Enclosure doesn’t always have to be fully enclosed.  Using standoffs (here as well) and laser cut panels is a very useful and quick technique.  These enclosures are easy to open and modify.

Two acrylic panels and standoffs project enclosure

Adding rubber feet on the bottom is always a nice touch.

Standoffs enclosure for Nixie tubes

Enclosure for Nixie Tubes

Nixie tube enclosure parts

Corner Brackets

Enclosure made with corner brackets

Using screw on corner braces (also called corner reinforcing brackets), screws, and panels is a n option for quickly changing out any surface of your enclosure.  A great choice if the walls of your enclosure are often modified or changed.

Attachment Blocks make it easy to join two flat panels at a 90 degree angle.

Attachment blocks

Panels held together by attachment blocks

Stacked Material

Stacked acrylic project enclosure


Stacked acrylic project enclosure

Stack acrylic Raspberry Pi project enclosure

Stacking layered material may not be the most conservative use of material, but it gives a lot of control on placement of components inside of an enclosure.

Stacked acrylic project enclosure

Side view of stacked acrylic project enclosure

Thinking Hz’s Solar Theremin

Construction Toy Enclosures

Lego project enclosure

Construction toys (Legos, Erector Sets,  etc.) make for quick, modifiable enclosures.

Cardboard and Paper Enclosure

Using cardboard or thick paper can be an affordable, re-producible, and easily modified enclosure.

Cardboard project enclosure

Cardboard cell phone

Cardboard project enclosure

Flattened box

Cardboard computer tower

Ready Mades

Starting with a store bought enclosure can save a lot of time.

Electrical Conduit Boxes

Electrical conduit box

Off the shelf electrical boxes make for cheap, durable, sometimes weather-proof, and repeatable project enclosures.

Electrical conduit project enclosure

Electrical conduit project enclosure

Micro-controllers in plastic conduit boxes

Deploying Project in the Field

Laser Cut Panel on Open Box

Project enclosure made with laser cut panel and cutlery organizer
Image by Luisa Pereira

A laser cut/etched control panel can fit nicely on a store bought box.  Luisa Pereira used a drawer organizer from the Container Store and laser cut/etched control panel.

Plastic case enclosure

Plastic Case

Mason Jars

The public radio, radio in a jar

Public Radio disassembled

Public Radio

Mason jar project enclosure

Hand-crafted Wooden Enclosures

Wooden box project enclosure

The Counting Box

Laser cut wooden enclosure

Laser-cut Nixie Tube Geiger Counter

Wooden block project enclosure

Wooden carrying case and cutting board for knife

Cutting Board/Knife Enclosure

Two by four project enclosure

2×4 Enclosure

Sheet Metal Enclosures

Sheet metal project enclsoure

Off the shelf sheet metal enclosures can be found at Mouser, Allied Electronics, and many other electronic supply stores.

Sheet metal enclosed cell phone

Guitar Pedal Cases

Aluminum guitar pedal project enclosure

Aluminum enclosures with a screw on cover.  Here and here.

Aluminum guitar pedal project enclosure

2 Materials: Metal & Wood, Plastic & Wood

Metal control panel on wooden box

12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Kit

Metal control panels on wooden box

50 Watt Tube Amplifier

Acrylic control panels on wooden box

Nixie Tube Clock


Mini Cow Speaker

Metal pig project enclosure

 Programmable Musical Pig

Candy Containers

Altoid's tin project enclosure

Altoid tins make great enclosures (cheap and repeatable).  Adafruit sells both the boards and the tins.

Altoid's tin project enclosure

Altoid's tin project enclosure

Altoid's tin project enclosure

Cast Enclosures

Concrete Desk Clock

Cast concrete project enclosure

Electronics Encased in Resin

Resin encased electronics

Vacuum Formed Cases

Vacuum formed project enclosure

Modified Toys

Some toys can make great enclosures, hopefully yours will not be as creepy as these.

Modified electronic toys

Modified electronic toy

Modified electronic toys

Modified electronic toys

Speak and Spellbinder


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Speakers made from PVC pipes and fittings

PVC Speakers

Using tubes or pipes for the housing gives an interesting shape.  The trick is capping off the ends.

Tin Cans

Tin can robot toy enclosure

Robot Recipes

Tin can project enclosure

 Control Panels

Chances are you will need some sort of control panel for you project enclosure.  It is basically a flat plat that all of your components mount to.  Panels typically can be removed easily from the rest of the enclosure.  This allows for easy repair-ability and modifying.

Control panels

Panel Mount Components

Panel mount LEDPanel mount toggle switch

Panel mount connector

Using panel mount components makes fabricating control panels much easier.  Use switches, LED holders, potentiometers, connectors, buttons, etc. that are made to mount to panels easily.  Take note whether these components mount from the the front or the back.

Panel mount buttons
Front Panel Mount on the left, Back Panel Mount on the right

Panel mount USB cables

Panel Mount USB Cables are great adding a USB connector to an enclosure surface.

B Male to B Female
Micro B Male to Micro B Female

Making a Game Burger – Love Hulten

Flexible Panel for Buttons

Speaker Grills

A useful trick is to use screen behind a panel for speakers or venting.

Interesting patterned grills can be purchased.

Metal screen used for speaker grill

Enclosure with speaker grill

Metal screen speaker grill

My Latest Favorites






In Class Demo

We’ll go over all of the steps to make a simple 2 by 4 Project Enclosure.

Class Survey

Halfway through and time to let us know how we’re doing.  Please take the class survey.


Build an enclosure for an electronics project using any tool(s) or technique(s) you like.  Make sure that you can get back inside to make repairs, change batteries, modify, etc.  The enclosure should have multiple components: buttons, switches, sliders, connectors, display lights, dials, etc.

Field Trip

Go to KMart or the Container Store (I know it sounds ridiculous) or even thrift stores to find containers/materials for possible enclosures.  You don’t have to use these materials in the assignment, but take note of what would be useful in the future.

What you Should Try

Try enclosing an existing PComp project.  It is a great way to make them more rugged and durable.

What You Should Buy

It’s a good idea to have project enclosures or materials on hand.  I highly recommend getting some containers and stand-offs.

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