Reinventing the Wheel

Spring 2016
Tuesday 12:10pm to 2:40pm
Instructor: Ben Light

The class will dive deep into one of the simplest machines. The humble wheel has been with us for millennium, but is ripe for reinvention. We will investigate and create wheeled mechanisms, toys, kinetic sculptures, and robots. Our objects will roll, spin, and slide. We will cover fabrication, mechatronics, design, and engineering techniques. This class will be prototype and fabrication heavy with multiple projects and a final.

Office Hours:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3PM – 5PM

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Safety Requirement:  You MUST attend a tool safety session in the shop before class begins.  Even if you are an experienced fabricator, everyone is required to take a safety session if they are using the shop (applies to both 1st and 2nd years).