Week 11: Kinetic Sculpture



“I had the happy idea to fasten a bicycle wheel to a kitchen stool and watch it turn.” – Marcel Duchamp


First we’ll show off our robots and put them through their paces in the Robo-Arena.  Then we’ll discuss ideas for final projects.  And lastly we’ll discuss kinetic sculpture.



Your final project will be due in 3 weeks.  As long as it is related to something we have covered this semester, go for it.  We will discuss your initial ideas and and potential roadblocks.


Kinetic Sculpture

Kinetic art is a term that today most often refers to three-dimensional sculptures and figures that move naturally or are machine operated. The moving parts are generally powered by wind, a motor, or the observer. – via

We will be discussing kinetic sculptures that are on wheels, spin, revolve, or have a wheeled mechanism.


Flux – A physical kinetic sculpture, that plays with our perception of reality

The inside of Flux


Twin Rail Mobius Pendant


Study in Bird Motion


Walk Your Shoes




Thumbs-Up Thumbs-Down

Double Dwell Reciprocating




Wie lang ist eine Minute? – Quadrature


Drawing Machines


Ferris Wheel – Out-Eiffel Eiffel


Ball/Marbel Machines


Machine with Wishbone – Arthur Ganson


Machine with Artichoke Petal #1 – Arthur Ganson


Shyu Ruey-Shiann

8 Drunken Imortals




Bob Potts


Kinetic Art Compilation



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