Week 13: Tracks and Rails


So far all of our rolling creations have moved on flat surfaces.  Today we will examine guided motion by way of tracks, guides, and rails.

Where we’re going we don’t need any roads. – Doc Brown


Before we get started, I wanted to show you this clip.

Street Genius Episode 6: Pressure Cooker (16:45)


Tracks & Rails

Trains are probably what we think of first when we hear the word “tracks”.

Wheelsets are one of the oldest form of wheels, and you can’t have wheelsets without tracks to roll on.




Velocipede – handcar powered by one perseon


Brio Wooden Toy Train Tracks


Hot Wheels Track


Turbo Track


Model Trains


Circular Train – Raw Edge

Slot Cars




Trolleys and Cable Cars

Trolleys run on steel rails, but with no slot between the tracks, and no underground cable. Unlike the mechanical cable cars, streetcars are propelled by onboard electric motors and require a trolley pole to draw power from an overhead wire.

How a Cable Car Works





Roller Coasters

K’Nex Coasters


Magnext iCoaster



Camera rigs and rails

Rig Wheels


Edelkrone Slider Plus


Cable Dolly



Robots Kits

Dolly Wheel Drive Plates

V Rollers


Off the Wall

Super Loop Chase





The Christian Louboutin windows at Barneys


Hamster Wheel

2 Ton Hamster Wheel





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