Assignment: Wheeled Mechanism

This will be a two week assignment and you can work in groups if you’d like.

You will be creating a mechanism based on one of the following: friction wheel, belt & pulley, crank, or cam mechanism.  You can even combine multiple mechanisms if you so choose.


First Week:  Breadboard your mechanism.  Prototype often, fail fast.  Do not use any tools or techniques that take too much time (i.e. mill and 4 axis) at this stage.  Don’t use expensive materials at this time.  You should have a proof of concept and a few prototypes that didn’t quite work out but got you further along.

Blog your progress.



Second Week:  You will deliver a working robust mechanism.  Polish your device, have it work as smoothly as possible with as little slop as possible.  Build it from durable material (i.e. delrin and aluminum).  Use more exacting tools and techniques to get the results you want (i.e. metal lathe, Othermill, 4 Axis).

Use lubricants, and solid hardware.

Blog your progress.